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evergreen evergreen
Junior Painkiller
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[22.01.2010 / 10:27]

Может есть у кого?

Martin Gore selects 10 ‘essential tracks’ downloadable chart for Beatport


Martin Gore has hand-selected a list of 10 essential tracks for leading electronic music download site, Beatport.  The content of the list reflects Martin’s affinity for minimal and techno, which has also been on full display before each of Depeche Mode’s shows on the last several tours or in Gore’s intimate DJ sets.  The list includes tracks from Hobo, Wade Bennet and Benny Knox, among others.

The tracks are downloadable separately or as a playlist set for $18.90 USD.

Franssen Franssen
Damaged People
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[05.02.2010 / 20:08]

фтопку.. да и какой и МГ диджей...

"Не утешай, оставь мою печаль
Нетронутой, великой и безгласной.."
"Вы отстали"....
Stripped Stripped
Damaged People
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[10.02.2010 / 11:59]

Флетч как диджей круче

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