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The World We Live In And Live In Hamburg (live video) VHS

Каталожный номер:
Virgin Video VVD 063
Дата выхода:
Mute Records

01. Something To Do
02. Two Minute Warning
03. If You Want
04. People Are People
05. Leave In Silence
06. New Life
07. Shame
08. Somebody
09. Lie To Me
10. Blasphemous Rumours
11. Told You So
12. Master And Servant
13. Photographic
14. Everything Counts
15. See You
16. Shout
17. Just Can't Get Enough

The first home video from Depeche Mode. The beta and VHS Virgin pressings had the same catalog number. This title was not released on laserdisc, and has yet to appear on DVD.

The US market were cheated out of a few songs on this home video release. Sire cut "Two Minute Warning", "Leave In Silence", "New Life", "Shame", "See You", "Shout" and "Everything Counts"! Even the laserdisc version is the edited concert.

The Japanese releases were the only way US fans could enjoy the full length home video release (US and Japan both use the NTSC system). The Japanese laserdisc is also the best source for the concert at this time, until it is issued on DVD.

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