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One Night In Paris

Каталожный номер:
Mute DVD STUMM 190
Дата выхода:
27 мая 2002 года
Mute Records (UK)

Disc 1
01. Dream On (Guitar Intro)
02. The Dead Of Night
03. The Sweetest Condition
04. Halo
05. Walking In My Shoes
06. Dream On
07. When The Body Speaks
08. Waiting For The Night
09. It Doesn't Matter Two
10. Breathe
11. Freelove
12. Enjoy The Silence
13. I Feel You
14. In Your Room
15. It's No Good
16. Personal Jesus
17. Home
18. Condemnation
19. Black Celebration
20. Never Let Me Down Again

Disc 2
01. The Preparation
02. The Photographing (photos and stories by Anton Corbijn)
03. The Waiting
04. The Talking
05. The Screening (select background projections from the concert)
06. Sister Of Night (bonus track)
07. The Choosing ("Never Let Me Down Again", in multi-angle format)
08. The Subtitling (literally, choose the subtitles)
09. Surrender (acoustic dressing room performance, with Peter Gordeno - easter egg)

Not to be confused by the release of a certain "celebrity" sex tape, this was the first (and original) "One Night In Paris". This film documented the band on their "Exciter Tour".
Along with the extra features on disc two of the DVD, there was a hidden easter egg performance of Martin singing "Surrender", acoustically, in his dressing room (with Peter Gordeno on keyboards).
The original DVD issue was in a cardboard slipcase. The 2005 reissue is in a simple plastic case.

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