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The Best Of Videos. Volume 1

Каталожный номер:
Дата выхода:
26 Марта 2007 года
Mute Records (UK)

01. Just Can't Get Enough (Режиссер - Clive Richardson)
02. Everything Counts (Режиссер - Clive Richardson)
03. People Are People (Режиссер - Clive Richardson)
04. Master & Servant (Режиссер - Clive Richardson)
05. Shake The Disease (Режиссер - Peter Care)
06. Stripped (Режиссер - Peter Care)
07. A Question Of Time (Режиссер - Anton Corbijn)
08. Strangelove [1987 Version] (Режиссер - Anton Corbijn)
09. Never Let Me Down Again (Режиссер - Anton Corbijn)
10. Behind The Wheel (Режиссер - Anton Corbijn)
11. Personal Jesus (Режиссер - Anton Corbijn)
12. Enjoy The Silence (Режиссер - Anton Corbijn)
13. I Feel You (Режиссер - Anton Corbijn)
14. Walking In My Shoes (Режиссер - Anton Corbijn)
15. In Your Room (Режиссер - Anton Corbijn)
16. Barrel Of A Gun (Режиссер - Anton Corbijn)
17. It's No Good (Режиссер - Anton Corbijn)
18. Only When I Lose Myself (Режиссер - Brian Griffin)
19. Dream On (Режиссер - Stephane Sednaoui)
20. I Feel Loved (Режиссер - John Hillcoat)
21. Enjoy The Silence 04 (Режиссер - Uwe Flade)
22. Precious (Режиссер - Uwe Flade)
23. Suffer Well (Режиссер - Anton Corbijn)

The Best Of Depeche Mode, Volume 1. While the track listing is up for debate among Depeche Mode fans, no one can argue that the CD + DVD version of the release is a essential purchase. Eight of the music videos are new to DVD in the UK market ("Just Can't Get Enough", "Everything Counts", "People Are People", "Master And Servant", "Shake The Disease", "Dream On", "I Feel Loved" and "Enjoy The Silence '04"). The DVD was also released as a separate item in Europe.

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