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Remix Maxi CD Single (Press Release)

18 октября 2004

Remix Maxi CD Single

DEPECHE MODE - Remix Maxi CD Single
Released November 22nd on Mute Records
plus Secret Site and Ringtones

Depeche Mode are set to release a unique Maxi CD single featuring new mixes of fan favourite, "Enjoy the Silence" mixed by Ewan Pearson and Richard X. The maxi CD also includes a Cicada mix of "World In My Eyes" and the BRAT mix of "Mercy In You".

Also released, November 22nd are two new vinyl collections of indispendable new Depeche Mode remixes by Goldfrapp, Ulrich Schnauss, Rex The Dog and Black Strobe.

Depeche Mode have always been at the vanguard of remix culture. Pioneering remixers themselves, their music has been an inspiration for some of the very best remixers in the world.

"Depeche Mode-Remixes 81-04", out October 25th, is a unique retrospective charting not just the development of the band but also of the remix itself. The special 3 disk bonus features mixes by Timo Maas, Ewan Pearson, Flood and Mike Shinoda.

To mark the release of this groundbreaking album, Mute Records are establishing a secret site within from October 25th. The site will require the user to have a copy of the album and will be home to a breathtaking array of exclusive extra features and downloads. The site will include a web based remix soundtool application comprising a virtual 8 track mixer complete with a pool of over 100 Depeche Mode samples, vocals, drums, sound effects and synthesised riffs, which will effectively allow the user to create their very own Depeche Mode remix. Also included are the production parts for "Enjoy The Silence", enabling any budding remixer to make their own mix of the track.

Also available are 13 Depeche Mode download track that are essentially a mixture of rare and ultra rare, deleted and promo tracks as well never before heard tracks.

For the very first time official ringtones will be made available in mastertone and polyphonic formats through all ringtone store outlets and also through bespoke handset wap sites.

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