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Depeche Mode "101" SACD (Press Release)

11 августа 2004

Depeche Mode
Reissue of "101" on SACD
Released On 2nd February 2004

Depeche Mode re-issue a 2-disc SACD version of the hit live album "101" on 2nd February 2004.

A top 10 hit on its first release in March 1989, "101" was recorded on 18th June 1988 at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena as part of the band?s break through tour "Music For The Masses".

The Rose Bowl was the 101st date and the climax of the pivotal tour that helped launch the band headlong into the musical mainstream.

Alongside the songs from the live album, the highs, lows and hysteria of the tour formed the raw materials from which the acclaimed documentary "101" was forged. This now legendary film was directed by celebrated filmmaker DA Pennebaker, whose work with Bob Dylan on "Don?t Look Back" set the standard for music documentaries. "101", according to Pennebaker, "is the most interesting, fun film we?ve ever done" and was released on DVD for the first time last November.

"101" is a fully remastered version of the 1989 live album and is released on Hybrid SACD format. This new enhanced format delivers improved audio quality and is the ideal way to experience the excitement of a band on the cusp of worldwide domination.

The double SACD features 3 distinct versions of the concert. A remastered stereo CD version which is playable on all CD players. A remastered stereo SACD version and a remastered 5.1 surround sound SACD version.

Depeche Mode 101 SACD

Disc A

01. Pimpf
02. Behind the Wheel
03. Strangelove
04. Sacred
05. Something To Do
06. Blasphemous Rumours
07. Stripped
08. Somebody
09. Things You Said

Disc B

01. Black Celebration
02. Shake the Disease
03. Nothing
04. Pleasure, Little Treasure
05. People Are People
06. A Question of Time
07. Never Let Me Down Again
08. A Question Of Lust
09. Master and Servant
10. Just Can?t Get Enough
11. Everything Counts

Hidden Track
Pimpf - Full Version

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