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Дата: 07/05/03
Город: Лос-Анджелес, США, Калифорния
Концертная площадка: The Mayan Theater
Зрителей: нет данных
Поддержка: Нет
Список исполненных песен:

01. In My Time of Dying
02. Stardust
03. I Cast A Lonesome Shadow
04. Only When I Lose Myself
05. Sweetest Perfection
06. Coming Back To You (Acoustic)
07. By This River
08. Lost In the Stars (Acoustic)
09. In Your Room (Acoustic)
10. Walking In My Shoes (Acoustic)
11. Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth (Acoustic)
12. Surrender
13. The Love Thieves
14. Candy Says

На бис:

15. Loverman (with Viva & Eva Gore)
16. A Question of Lust (Acoustic)
17. Enjoy The Silence (Acoustic)
18. Shake The Disease (Acoustic)
Комментарии к концерту:

- Две дочери Мартина, Вива и Ева, немного помогали ему в исполнении песни Loverman.

Отзывы фанатов:

'Wow' is all I can say about Mart's Tour finale at the Mayan Theatre in Los Angeles. The sound was once again amazing, all the songs impeccable. The highlite was definitly a piano version of 'Enjoy The Silence', which was introduced by Mart "We're going to have a go at this one". It was very similar to the KROQ Almost Acoustic X-Mas performance from '98.

Mr. JAM 007 made a mass amount of flyers that read "Thank You Marty", which a sea of fans held up for Mart to read.

Viva and Eva Gore - Mart's eldest daughters - accompanied him onstage for 'Loverman'. The younger of the two held a mic and even though she wasn't audible, she was very impressive at such a young age. His oldest daughter actually sounded really good and she can be heard in much of the song (I double-checked my MiniDisc just to be sure).

Mart seemed to enjoy himself much more tonight than last night. At the end of 'In Your Room' he even continued singing a segment of an old '70s song - I cannot recall the title - but Mary J. Blige and Method Man cover it on the '8 Mile' soundtrack.

A female fan in front handed Mart a sign that read "PHILLPOTT SO HOTT", which Mart held up during 'Surrender', and which Peter Gordeno also held up for all to read later on.

A clip of film (which includes AMAZING close-ups of Mart!) will be up for download on Modesite very soon. SoCal once again got the best performances, this time courtesy of Mr. Gore.

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