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Paper Monsters Tour

Дата: 15/06/03
Город: Seinajoki, Finland
Концертная площадка: Provinssirock Festival
Зрителей: нет данных
Поддержка: Фестиваль, поэтому много исполнителей
Список исполненных песен:

01. Hidden Houses
02. Hold On
03. Dirty Sticky Floors
04. A Question of Time
05. Bitter Apple
06. Black and Blue Again
07. A Little Piece
08. Walking In My Shoes
09. I Need You
10. Bottle Living
11. Personal Jesus

На бис:

12. I Feel You
13. Never Let Me Down Again
Отзывы зрителей:

Well, to cut a long story short: it was a disaster. It seemed, that he played the same hour-long 13-song set as in Imola. His own songs didn't sound any worse than on the record, but all the DM songs were absolute travesties. Except perhaps Walking In My Shoes, which was the only highpoint. Even though Dave played at main stage, most of the audience soon drifted away to see Finnish bands playing on other stages at the same time. Halfway through I walked to the front row with no-one pushing me even once, had a close look at Dave, shook my head and walked away.
Nothing more to say, really. Too hungover and heartbroken to elaborate further.

ELDRITCH (www.depeche-mode.com/forum)