The DVD starts with a nice intro where the arena is being filmed and on the side of the building it says Dave Gahan in big pink letters, then the music starts and the intro of Hidden House is filmed from above the stage, and Dave is off course magnificent and very energetic, and it is easy to see that Dave is intent on performing well. Lots of blue lights and the intro song has been filmed in many different angels. This is a really nice start. Doing the Hold On song there is lots of close up shots of the band, Dave, and the audience. The audience looks really pleased. The Dirty Sticky Floors really gets the audience started, and it is one of the highlights of the solo songs being played on the DVD. It looks so dynamic the way this song has been filmed, and the filming from above the stage is amazing.

The first Depeche Mode number is A Question Of Time and Dave is full of vigour from the very beginning. For a moment I forgot that it wasnt Depeche Mode, but Dave Gahan solo. This version is off course very different from the way Depeche Mode use to perform it, but it sort of grow on you. Then it slows down again with Bitter Apple one of my personal favorites on the Paper Monsters album so I really enjoyed the live version. In between Black And Blue Again and Stay the audience starts the as usual Depeche Mode cheer, which sounds like a football match, and Dave goes thats just greatthats great, but we are in the slow bit now, and its going to be quiet I really enjoyed this slow bit and Dave?s voice is better than ever. After the slow period with Black And Blue Again, Bitter Apple, and Stay A Little Piece speeds up the gig once again and Dave is again full of energy and power.

The second Depeche Mode song is Walking In My Shoes and this version is fantastic, again very different from when Depeche Mode are performing the song live. I simply love this version and there is a very dynamic atmosphere, and what a knockout performance. The filming doing Walking In My Shoes is fantastic. I Need You follows right after, and Dave is making a great interaction between him and the singing audience.

The 3rd Depeche Mode song is the classical Personal Jesus. This version simple has a rock beat instead of the good old synth beat, and Knox is trying to give us his own guitar version, but he is not Martin L. Gore. The audience loves this number, and we get the full Reach out and touch faith with cameras from many different angels again. The set is being finished with Goodbye.

After the encore Dave Gahan and his band come back to perform I feel You and Never Let Me Down Again the two very highlights of the DVD. Both songs are so different from the original version, but I really love them. The gig is finished off with Never Let Me Down Again something the audience simply love. Dave Gahan, the band, and the audience is giving themselves 100%. PERFECT.


Starts with a great version of Dirty Sticky Floors with unique drumming followed by a very acoustic version of Bitter Apple and Black And Blue Again. This set has a funny Acoustic filming, and it is a very nice feature on the DVD.


The short film includes interviews from the band member and Dave. Mostly they talk about Daves dynamic personality on stage. Dave talks about the whole Monster time; the excitement, the making of the album, and the tour off course. Now the terrifying part is Dave Gahan keeps talking about another solo album with Knox, and how they could write songs together in the future, and he does not say anything about a future with Depeche Mode.

I can only recommend all fans to get the DVD, I simply just love it. Buy it and be the judge yourself. If will be out April 1st world wide.